Buchanan SWCD works with many different non-profit organizations and state and federal agencies on a daily basis. With the work of these partners we can help landowners with everything from cost-share programs to purchasing land for public use. The following is a list of groups that the District works with and explanation of the Buchanan SWCD’s relationship with the organization.


Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship - Division of Soil Conservation (IDALS-DSC)

Providing both staff and program dollars to the conservation effort. Those that are staff from IDALS-DSC are State Secretary Julie Althaus, and Environmental Specialist David Suchan. The DSC distributes cost-share money for waterways and terraces through the Iowa Finance Incentives Program (IFIP) and wildlife and windbreaks with Resources Enhancement and Protection Program (REAP).


USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

This agency has employees in every Service Center. Roger Erickson, District Conservationist is the NRCS Employee. The NRCS is also responsible for funding many of the big programs that the Service center offers including WRP, EWP, EQIP, WHIP, GRP, and CSP. See a detailed explanation of these programs on the program page.


Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

The DNR has long been a partner with the Soil and Water conservation District, providing advice and financial assistance for the District and landowners. The DNR has been working with the District and the NRCS to purchase some of the floodplain easements within the county.


Iowa Pheasants Forever (PF)

Pheasants Forever has been a big partner the last few years with many districts throughout the state. They have supplied SWCDs with dollars to hire district employees and purchase equipment. They also donate seed to local landowners when they plant grass mixes that are beneficial to pheasant and other wildlife.


USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)

The sister agency of the NRCS, the FSA works hand in hand with NRCS on programs like the Conservation Reserve Program.